Marco Polo

A movement built with you, from the ground up

A movement built with you,
from the ground up

It starts with you

You are a part of our community because you believe in our purpose: helping people feel close.

Do any of these sound like you too?
 If so, raise your hand.

  • You are a part of an organization, social circle, parent group, coaching business, or any other type of network, and you want to know how to bring Marco Polo to that community.
  • You believe in the value of real relationships, and that technology can be used to build and strengthen them.
  • You want to be a part of this movement.

Sharing your gift for building communities

Connections are powerful.

Let’s amplify your connections by taking Marco Polo into your larger networks and communities. Let's build them, grow them, and make them stronger. Let's make a movement together.

Ready to join us?

We want to help you and your communities! There will be lots to discover together.