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Why is a paid Marco Polo project worth your time? Call it a chemistry check

As part of the Marco Polo job interview process, we ask every candidate to participate in a sample project with members of their prospective team. 

It’s understandable that this step might give you pause. After all, you’ve earned your credentials and competition for tech talent is fierce, especially now. So why would we ask for more of your valuable time when so many other companies are knocking at your door? 

You’re human, we’re human, and authentic connection matters 

Asking you to collaborate on a project with us is actually not about having you prove your worth. It’s more about discovering how it would feel to work together. Is there chemistry between us? Would you enjoy your team? Would you have fun and be challenged? 

These are questions every job candidate deserves the opportunity to answer for themselves before accepting an offer.

A sample project helps give you a clear window into our distinctive mode of working, from our remote-first, remote-always approach to the ways we use the Marco Polo app as an asynchronous collaboration tool. 

It also offers a better sense of our culture. You don’t get that insight with an interview loop alone. 

Respecting your time, recognizing your value

How does the project work? We start by tailoring sample assignments to each candidate’s role and area of expertise. 

Once our recruiter or team lead gives you the project parameters, you determine when and how quickly to turn the assignment around. We offer flexibility because we understand that you have a life outside of this process and we really appreciate your time.

As a matter of equitability, we ensure that every candidate has the necessary resources and equipment for paid projects and is offered the same hourly rate. We’re not out to exploit your talent, repurpose your work, or take ownership of your solution. What we want is the opportunity to get to know you and discover whether you’ll thrive at Marco Polo. 

Thank you for exploring with us. We’re grateful for the time and creative energy you’re spending with Marco Polo.

Marco Polo
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