Marco Polo for Impact

Coach 1:1 with Marco Polo

Marco Polo is a powerful tool for connecting authentically with your clients and meeting them exactly where they are. With video chat, you can catch important nonverbal cues. Your clients feel heard and seen. And you can talk, listen, reflect, and respond when it works for you and for them, even across time zones. Getting started is simple.  

1. Decide how you want to incorporate Marco Polo into your practice 

Give this some thought before you invite anyone to use Marco Polo with you. Do you want to use the app:

  • As your primary means of communicating? 
  • In tandem with another offering, such as live video sessions or in-person meetings? 
  • As an add-on or upgrade to an existing offering? 

Marco Polo offers a lot of flexibility, so there’s no one answer and no wrong answer! It all depends on your goals and preferences.  

2. Get your clients set up on Marco Polo

If your clients don’t have Marco Polo, first ask them to download the app and create an account using their phone number. 

Then, you can add them by phone number if you have it, or via the Contacts icon on the bottom of your Marco Polo home screen if they’re already in your contacts. If not, or if you’d prefer to add them without sharing your own phone number, you can use the Invite via Link option to connect.

For details on adding people, check out this how-to article.  

3. Establish guidelines around access to you

Be upfront about your goals and expectations for how and when clients can reach you on Marco Polo. 

For example, will you provide 24/7 Polo access, or do you want to respond only during certain days and times? How often do you want to exchange Polos with clients? Is there a general length you want to aim for, such as five minutes max? 

Clear boundaries will help keep your 1:1 interactions focused and meaningful and send an affirming message that everyone’s time is valuable.

Impact Tip!

Create a cache of content for easy sharing

Do you use the same content with multiple clients, like reflection topics, check-in prompts, welcome videos, or FAQs? You don’t have to record those Polos from scratch every time. Instead, create a group in which you’re the only member. Use that group to store all the Polos you want to repurpose. Then, when a new client or student joins you, you can forward the Polo you want to share.