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Sharecast 101 for Business, Coaching, and Connection

Featured Speaker: Meagan
Head of Community & Partnerships at Marco Polo

Sharecast 101 for Business, Coaching, and Connection

Find out how Sharecast, our newest feature, can help you connect personally and effectively with your audience. Get inspired by real-world Sharecast examples and come away ready to create your own!
August 23rd   |   12-1 pm PDT on Zoom
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Building Relationships to Build Community

November 2 | 12:00 pm PST
Communities thrive when people feel seen and heard. In this webinar we’ll explore the power of Marco Polo groups to build relationships and deepen connections within communities of any size, and make your community stronger as a whole.
Image of Megan Champion

Megan Champion

Mothers Together
Image of Keegan Albaugh

Keegan Albaugh

Dad Guild
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Trusted Tech, Limitless Connection

Trusted Tech,
Limitless Connection

July 25th | 12 – 1 pm PT
In this special webinar, CEO and Co-Founder Vlada Bortnik will share how, at our purpose-driven company, we prioritize trust, develop technology that’s good for your well-being, and commit to keeping you authentically engaged. Join us to explore these core values more and discover inspiring use cases showing how others leverage Marco Polo for greater impact!


Vlada Bortnik
Co-Founder & CEO of Marco Polo
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Casey Watts

“Coaching and consulting is all about relationships. When you can't physically meet or chat with a client, there is no better way to have the time, space, and comfort of building those relationships than Marco Polo.”

— Casey Watts, Impact coach, consultant

Brendan Durell

“Cultivating intimacy in community is my thing. Nothing is more intimate than sharing moments with people. Every single share on Marco Polo is a shared moment.”

— Brenden Durell, Mentor, speaker

Aubrey Grossen

“Marco Polo is the one app that makes me feel connected to people. It’s not social media; it’s real life connection and has helped my business to grow in a way like no other.”

— Aubrey Grossen, Founder

Stories of Impact

Past events

Creating and Scaling Genuine Connection

During this one-hour webinar, you’ll hear from leaders/business owners/coaches on how they use Marco Polo in various ways to deepen and expand connection within their communities.

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Coaching 1:1
Marco Polo Groups
Sharecast: Expand your reach
Marco Polo Plus
Need Marco Polo Plus for your group or business? Find out about our Extended Plan
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