Marco Polo for Impact

Sharecast: Reach your team, organization, or community

With Sharecast, Marco Polo’s newest free feature, you can connect to your entire audience or community with one Polo. Send Polos to many, and receive replies that only you can see. Sharecast puts your content front and center. 

Sharecast works for group coaching, education, team announcements and updates, lead-generation, group watch parties, course grad groups, you name it. 

How is Sharecast different from Marco Polo groups?

With Sharecast you’re creating a closed, private space where you can share information without the “noise” that can come with groups. You choose which participants to invite, no one but you can see who else is in your Sharecast, and participants only interact with you, through private time-limited messages and emoji reactions. 

You can include up to 1,000 participants in your Sharecast, but many Sharecasters use it with smaller audiences too. 

Participants can also watch your Sharecast even if they don’t have Marco Polo, via our web platform

Make Sharecast work for your impact goals 

Maybe you’re just starting to build a community, course, or program, or maybe you’ve already established one. In either case, think about the impact you want your audience to experience, the milestones along that journey, and the content strategies that will support that learning and growth, whether it’s mentoring, accountability, community engagement, or a combination of these. What does success look like for your audience? How much time will you need to make that impact? Can you best accomplish your impact goals in a finite time period or on an ongoing basis? 

To support your goals, you can use Sharecast on its own or in tandem with Marco Polo groups and 1:1 conversations. For example, if you’re a coach or educator, you can provide: 

  • Announcements, key learnings, and general updates via Sharecast
  • Q&A opportunities and community interaction via groups
  • Individualized support via 1:1 Polos

That’s just one scenario. You can make these features your own! 

Get started with Sharecast

Here are a few articles to get you up, running, and using Sharecast for impact.  

What is Sharecast? 

What do Sharecast participants experience? 

Creating your Sharecast: a step-by-step guide

Impact Tip!

Establish a predictable content schedule

When using Sharecast for impact, having a cadence helps you manage your time and also sets expectations with your audience. Three Polos per week usually hits a sweet spot. Focus on quick tips and bite-size information that can be watched on the go, and limit your Sharecasts to 10 minutes or less.